Croquette and Takoyaki! “Aichiya” and “Daichan” in Tateishi | TOKYO JAPAN

Croquette and Takoyaki! "Aichiya" and "Daichan" in Tateishi | TOKYO JAPAN

I have written various about Tateishi so far, but I introduced the restaurant mainly.
Of course it is fun to eat at the restaurant, but it is also the charm of Tateishi that you can eat delicatessen and snacks in Nakamise.

Hou about snacks in between sake? I introduce two shopping spots that I often use.

Where can I eat delicious snacks in Tateishi?

Tateishi is a neighborhood in Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan.
There are many retro-chic Japanese style public bar there. The area retains an atmosphere associated with Tokyo’s earthy Shitamachi (“downtown”) neighborhoods.

Some shops have old-fashioned side dishes and snacks in the shop, and it is one of the pleasure of my wife and me to go on sale in good weather on a sunny day.

Under the blue sky, with a light snack, I enjoy having a walk while eating.

My favorite spot is in front of the Tateishi station.


Croquette and Takoyaki! "Aichiya" and "Daichan" in Tateishi | TOKYO JAPAN

It is a popular butcher “Aichiya” locally.

Being in front of the station, it feels like this history.
Columns are well formed as there are people who buy bulk.
I often equip this men’s cutlet on one hand and walk.

In the case of a train, go straight ahead with a ticket gate, and good access with the exit on the right side just in front of you.

Croquette and Takoyaki! "Aichiya" and "Daichan" in Tateishi | TOKYO JAPAN

Deep-fried foods are lining up in the store’s showcase.

Ham cutlets, squidflies ……
Wow, they are all attractive.

The handwriting feeling of the product name and price also helps to enrich the atmosphere.
A local shop that is to be loved and rooted.

Recommendations are croquette and meat cutlet.
A combination of stability, this day also made that combination.


Croquette and Takoyaki! "Aichiya" and "Daichan" in Tateishi | TOKYO JAPAN

Daichan’s Takoyaki is delicious.

Three to four people line up often, this is also a popular shop.
You can choose whichever you like from Takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise sauce, soy sauce sauce and salt and pepper sauce.

My favorite food is mayonnaise sauce.
The bench is also placed at the store’s shop so that it can be eaten, but since the neighborhood of the shop is a park, it is okay to have a warm time there.

Let’s eat!

Well then, we will return home and eat them.

First of all, from “Aichiya” croquette and meat cutlet.

Croquette and Takoyaki! "Aichiya" and "Daichan" in Tateishi | TOKYO JAPAN

It puts in such a packet.
It is also worth seeing that the handwork when doing rubber bands is cool.

Croquette and Takoyaki! "Aichiya" and "Daichan" in Tateishi | TOKYO JAPAN

Deep-fried food of this shop is delicious without having to put sauce.
Although the taste of the ingredients is not particularly strong, you can enjoy it enough with the taste of the ingredients and the flavor of the oil.

Croquette is gentle taste, meat cutlet is very juicy.

I wrote as croquette in the title, but there are memorable things that have a feeling.
Since I was a student, I was indebted to this meat cutlet.
Meat cutlet to eat when you exercise and make your stomach empty to the limit was deliciously delicious.

The taste of meat and the sweetness of onions are disappointing items at all.

Next is Takoyaki of “Daichan”.

Croquette and Takoyaki! "Aichiya" and "Daichan" in Tateishi | TOKYO JAPAN

Is not Takoyaki the ability to pour out appetite with smell and sound and looks high, is not it?
As you go through the front it will almost be knocked down.

Croquette and Takoyaki! "Aichiya" and "Daichan" in Tateishi | TOKYO JAPAN

This Takoyaki, outside is fluffy, the inside is so tight that the flour is wheat flour or soup stock is very delicious.
It’s a fluffy.

Eat octopuses also eat big and respond adequately.
Sour and moderately sour and sweet deliciously.


“Aichiya” and “Daichan” from frequently visited shops.
Besides, it is fun to watch the side dishes in Nakamise.

When you drink from noon, something like croquette or something in between.

With money to buy Starbucks coffee, you can buy 4 to 5 croquettes, haha.

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