Delicious garlic fried rice! Chinese restaurant “Kaika” in Tateishi | TOKYO JAPAN

Delicious garlic fried rice! Chinese restaurant "Kaika" in Tateishi | TOKYO JAPAN

How about Japanese chinese food?

Garlic fried rice at “Kaika” in Tateishi Tokyo.
I ate it for the first time, fried rice with so much garlic.

Full-fledged Sichuan foods to be served at “Kaika”

“Kaika” is about 2 to 3 minutes walking from Tateishi station.

This is “Kaika”.
The red light floating in the dark is impressive.

Atmosphere that interior is like mass Chinese restaurant.
The inside of the shop is wide, there are also 2nd floor and children ‘s cheerful voice is heard. A busy and fun shop.

When I picked up the menu quickly, I picked it up, “Everyday service good drink” that I got in my eyes.
I went on Thursday. Thursday, Chu Hai usually 300 yen is 210 yen …

I ordered without hesitation. Yes.
It is nice.

This restaurant has many menus.
There was plenty … … where I thought “garlic fried rice (680 yen)” has come into my eyes.

Sichuan Mapo Tofu

This is Sichuan Mapo Tofu.
From the time the table is placed on the table, scent of rice oil and pepper comes.

When I try to eat a bite …… It is not painful unexpectedly. The soft texture of the tofu and the umami of the minced meat are unbearable.
With chewing you will follow the scent of peppers and the numbness that is numb and spirited. It’s delicious.

It also goes with Chu Hai. I will not stop.

Fried rice with garlic

Fried rice with garlic was brought to me when I was chewing on Mapo tofu.
It is with soup.

At the moment of being placed on the table, the intense garlic fragrance passed through the nose.
Impact enough to stop the hand that eats Mapo Tofu in an unexpected way.
Although it looks like ordinary fried rice, the scent is amazing.
My wife, sitting opposite, immediately smiled aware of the fragrance.

Then, a bite.
Oh …… This is intense.
How much garlic is in it, it is a garlic smell like a gut in the brain.
I imagine unexpectedly the schedule of the next day’s work.
Although I think that there should have been no going out, the Astragalus that I had in my hand would not stop.
Delicious, delicious.

I will continue to eat while sipping Mapo Tofu in between.

Eventually we will start eating together.
The fragrance of the peppermint of Mapo Tofu was completely defeated by the garlic smell.

On the way, I tried drinking the soup, I did not feel the taste much whether the nose was stimulated by garlic.
Awesome, garlic fried rice.

Hot champon

My wife ordered a hot champon.
It looks spicy from an appearance.

I ate it with a bite, but I did not feel as hot as the color of soup.
The taste of Champon original is firmly felt, moderate hotness.
It is also conscientiously large in quantity.


An apricot tofu was brought in after the meal.

This apricot tofu had a firm texture and it solidified, the taste was not fine and it was slightly sour, so the inside of the mouth was refreshing and it was delicious.

Clearly, I wrote, but garlic did not disappear and the feeling that I remained in the mouth still in the mouth still the next night remained.
To work, I am going to mask.
Strong garlic fried rice.

The impact of garlic fried rice was amazing, but every dish was delicious and there were many other menus, so I’d like to visit again.
But I feel that next time I’ve been asking for garlic fried rice. I feel addictive…

Restaurant name :

Addresses :
1-21-7 Tateishi Katsushika-ku Tokyo

Operating Hours :
11:30 – 15:00
17:00 – 23:00

Shop holidays :


Transportation :
about 70 meters from Keisei Tateishi

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