spiritual place “Gangala Valley” guided tour in Okinawa Japan

The place where abundant nature is left, “Gangala Valley“.

The place where you say this valley where the place which was a limestone cave was deformed and built had a high possibility as the accomodation space that an ancient lived about 18,000 years ago hundreds of thousands of years ago, and that the mankind lived from the time of the antiquity.

Only through the limited capacity reserved guided tours are you able to enter the valley.
The tour is only in Japanese, but you can use audio guides and text guides in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Fantastic guided tour for nature lovers in Okinawa

There is Gangala Valley at Nanjo-shi, Okinawa.

The address is “202, Tamagusuku, Maekawa, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa, 901-0616”. 30 minute drive from Naha airport.  You can find the entrance of the valley in front of the gate of Okinawa World.
You had better use a taxi.

There is a big banyan tree at the entrance.

After walking a few minute, you can find a big cave.

This is the real limestone cave, beautiful!

The Cave Cafe

The entrance of the Gangala valley is “Cave Cafe”.

You can drink a coffee there.

Having a relax time in real limestone cave is so nice experience.

You can see excavation sites near there.  An earthen vessel about 7000 years before and a skeleton about 3000 years before find the military art cave in the valley of Gangala near from a harbor Kawato discovery place, and if, the research excavation is continued even at present now.

The valley with life-spirits and primitive forest where a time-guardian dwells

You must reserve for participating the tour, and you can reserve it from the below.
The tour departure times are 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00. The fee is 2200 yen.

The tour is only in Japanese, but you can use audio guides and text guides in English, Chinese, and Korean. Actually, I met some tourists from the abroad.

The tour has started!
You can have a superb journey of mystery of life with the expert throughout an hour and 20 minutes.

Forest spread over valleys that once used to be limestone caves.

This is Giant Bamboos, biggest bamboo in the world.

Enjoy walking a valley with life-spirits!
It’s pleasant to walk the rich natural inside.

There are many banyan tree at the valley.  Just watching it is so fascinating.

You can enter the  cave. It seems to be an expedition and you’re excited, right?

It’s dark in the cave, so you make a lamp last.

It’s so mysterious in the cave. This cave is also the real limestone cave.

A cave expedition is also fun.

When it rained, a foot is slippery, so you had better put on the shoes you tend to walk.

This is a famous tree in the valley, the tallest banyan tree in Okinawa.

The tree is still growing. People call this tree “Wise man in a forest”.

The scenery is beautiful, so when you’re walking, 1 hour has passed suddenly.


How about the guided tour of “Gangala Valley”?

I strongly recommend this fantastic tour for visitors who comes Okinawa, Japan.  The experience by this tour will be to become the memory that you’ll not forget.

Restaurant name :

Addresses :
202, Tamagusuku, Maekawa, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa, 901-0616


Transportation :
30 minute drive from the airport. (in front of the gate of Okinawa World)

Operating Hours :
Tour departure times ①10:00 ②12:00 ③14:00 ④16:00

Shop holidays :


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