Handmade soba noodle with sake! “DONICHIAN” in TATEISHI NAKAMISE | TOKYO JAPAN

There is a quality handmade soba noodle restaurant in TATEISHI NAKAMISE.

It’s a small restaurant. There are only 7 seats in the restaurant.
You can enjoy drinking buckwheat shochu and eating soba noodle in a calm atmosphere.

Only  7 seats in the restaurant. Enjoy drinking buckwheat shochu and eating soba  noodle in a calm atmosphere!

Tateishi is a neighborhood in Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan. There are many retro-chic Japanese style public bar there. The area retains an atmosphere associated with Tokyo’s earthy Shitamachi (“downtown”) neighborhoods.
Tateishi is served by the Keisei Electric Railway through its Keisei Tateishi Station. It takes about 10 minutes from Asakusa to Tateishi by train. When you visit Tokyo, It’s easy to go there.

This is “DONICHIAN”. The appearance is good. This is the soba restaurant.

“DONICHIAN” is near from the Keisei Tateishi Station, about 2-3 minutes on foot.

SOBA SHOCHU (Buckwheat Shochu)

I recommend “SOBA SHOCHU” at this restaurant.
“SOBA SHOCHU” is shochu made from buckwheat. I order “SOBACHA WARI” that means mixing with hot buckwheat tea.
In soba restaurant, you had better drink this. You can enjoy rich aroma of buckwheat.

MISODUKE TOFU (Tofu preserved in Miso)

This is “MISODUKE TOFU”.  Tofu preserved in miso. Eating with dipping cucumber into “MISODUKE TOFU”.
This is very tasty like cheese, and goes with alcohol.


“YAKI YAMAIMO” is baked yam.  Coarseness grind pepper is shaken. The presentation is so good.
“YAKI YAMAIMO” has very nice texture. You can enjoy the taste inherent in the food itself because it has just lightly flavored.

SEIRO (Soba Noodle)

Let’s order “SEIRO” as a close.

You can see that a shopkeeper cooks soba noodle before your eyes.

This is “SEIRO”, soba noodle served on a bamboo draining basket.
This soba noodle is handmade, and has rich aroma of buckwheat. You can feel the sensation of coolness after putting it in your mouth.

“SEIRO” is eaten with dipping sauce. Wasabi horseradish and finely chopped Welsh onions are served as condiments.


All visitors in this restaurant were kind, and look enjoying their relaxing time.
In the restaurant, you can enjoy drinking shochu and sake at home.

And soba noodle is full-blown, enjoy rich aroma of buckwheat!


Restaurant name :

Addresses :
1-20-4 Tateishi Katsushika Tokyo


Transportation :
103 meters from Keisei Tateishi

Operating Hours :
11:30~14:00,17:00~20:00(Sat, Sun) 17:00~20:00(Wed, Thu, Fri)

Shop holidays :
Mon, Tue


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