Delicious tantanmen ramen noodle! “Chohakkai NEO” in Tateishi | TOKYO JAPAN

Delicious tantanmen ramen noodle! "Chohakkai NEO" in Tateishi | TOKYO JAPAN

Ramen restaurant “Chohakkai NEO” in Tateishi tokyo JAPAN.

This restaurant’s main menu is “Tantanmen ramen“.
“Tantanmen ramen” is the Szechuan dish of noodles covered with a sauce of sesame paste and chili oil.

It’s hot, but so tasty.

“Chohakkai NEO” of individuality of the gate! Tantanmen ramen are unique as well

Walking along Heiwabashi Street, You can find “Tantanmen ramen” banner.
The exterior of the restaurant is with red walls, a unique atmosphere is transmitted from the gate.

Delicious tantanmen ramen noodle! "Chohakkai NEO" in Tateishi | TOKYO JAPAN

When I go inside the store, I buy a ticket for “Otokomae Tantanmen Ramen” and get a seat.
Menu names also have features.
There were also some mysterious buttons on the buttons of the ticket machines, haha.

Although the shopkeeper is cutting it up, this shopkeeper has also brought out a very unique atmosphere.

Tantanmen ramen

Delicious tantanmen ramen noodle! "Chohakkai NEO" in Tateishi | TOKYO JAPAN

This is “Tantanmen ramen”.

The fragrance of spices stimulates appetite from the time you take it in your hand. The surface of the soup is full of sesame and spices.
The ingredients are fry meat and onions and minced meat on board. Sakura shrimps are also scattered.

When I tried drinking soup, it was painful for me but it was not disgusting spicy, but the scent of spices such as peppers was good and it was a mild taste.

Also, the noodles were thick crumbled noodles.
This often involves soup, chopsticks prosper.

It makes me feel refreshed with a pleasant pungent taste.

Tantanmen ramen that can tell with ingenuity and commitment.
I came back to my house thinking of coming again.

Restaurant name :
Chohakkai NEO (Ramen)

Addresses :
2-1-1 Higashi-Tateishi Katsushika-ku Tokyo

Operating Hours :

Transportation :
15 minutes by foot from Keisei Tateishi Station

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