Tateishi “Hand-made Udon Mugiya” udon noodle with a masterpiece | TOKYO JAPAN

“Hand-made Udon Mugiya” is about 5 minutes walking from Keisei-Takaishi Station.

This old restaurant’s udon is with full volume, so you will be fine when you eat it.

Business hours are from 11: 00 to 12: 30. To reward yourself on trip.

“Mugiya” is only open for lunch.

When I went to this store for the first time, I went to the evening without looking through anything, “Let’s go to the regular umon noodle shop I’m queuing up”, I felt frustrated with the shutter closed.

Volume of this restaurant’s udon is the best!

“Mugiya” is famous because udon’s appearance first, the volume is orders of magnitude from other shops.

The udon noodle is served on sushi Hangiri. Moreover, it is a big tub of 2 to 3 serving with many tempura, haha.

Please see, this volume!

Tateishi "Hand-made Udon Mugiya" udon noodle with a masterpiece | TOYKO JAPAN

When we went to the first place, our couple ordered ordrally and the expression that the belly ends only for both of them became perfect. About half of those who ordered “less” when listening to other orders, we have ordered “less” from the second time.

Not only volumes, it is still delicious!

The photo is “bamboo shoot udon”.

As the name bamboo chopsticks, bamboo powder is kneaded into noodles. There is narrowness in narrowness. Because it makes it slippery, the texture is pleasant, and chopsticks steadily gather.

Tempura is also rich in variety, and it is fun to be able to eat something while imagining some ingredients. I first ate Konnyaku tempura for the first time.
I think that the tsukune juice is tender and it matches tempura. My wife likes a thin mouth, so I divide it by hot water and eat it.
I like that salty feeling somewhat downhill and irrational.

I have been crowded with my husband and wife, but my breath is perfect and I feel comfortable. Although it is only a counter inside the shop, I can sit soon because the rotation is good.
Why do not you let your stomach empty as much as possible!

Restaurant name :
Hand-made Udon Mugiya

Addresses :
1-11-4 Tateishi Katsushika-ku Tokyo

Operating Hours :

Shop holidays :
Mon, Wed


Transportation :
103 meters from Keisei Tateishi

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