Best western food restaurant in Tateishi | Western Food Kobo Hiro

Best western food restaurant in Tateishi | Western Food Kobo Hiro

Tateishi is a neighborhood in Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan.
There are many retro-chic Japanese style public bar there. The area retains an atmosphere associated with Tokyo’s earthy Shitamachi (“downtown”) neighborhoods.

In the Tateishi, there is the small western food restaurant named “Western Food Kobo Hiro“.

Popular menu is “A plate of assorted fried food”.
From the beautiful appearance, you can enjoy it with eyes first, eating it is delicious Top volume full mark. It is a dish that can be thoughtful from a satisfying mood.

Popular western food restaurant in Tateishi | Western Food Kobo Hiro

“Western Food Kobo Hiro” is located a little away from the drinking street in front of the station.

It is in the west direction from the station. A place like walking less than 10 minutes.
Although it is along the Okudo highway, since the entrance of the store is in a place where it entered a narrow road, it is better to go with reference to Google map or something.

If you are not looking carefully, we are working on a shop looking like it will pass by the first look.
Is a menu placed in front of the store a landmark?

Seats are two tables and two tables for two-person table and two tables for four-person table.
It is a small atmosphere, but it is a good atmosphere with the atmosphere like a western-style restaurant standing quietly in downtown.

A plate of assorted fried food

Well, I ordered “A plate of assorted fried food” called Popular Lunch Set Menu. It is 1,296 yen.
It is a luxurious platter called Ground Meat Cutlet – Crab Cream Croquette – Shrimp Fried.

Corn potage soup

Soup that was brought first.
The lunch set menu comes with corn potage soup.

A mellow and rich corn potage soup.
Because of the high quality of the soup, I expect more from the main dish.

Ground Meat Cutlet – Crab Cream Croquette – Shrimp Fried

As I was waiting for soup, “A plate of assorted fried food” was carried.
Well, I was surprised to see the plate that was being carried. Fried shrimp, standing.

It looks like this from the top.
It is packed so that shrimp fried, ground meat cutlet, crab cream croquette stands, centering on a salad that is served well.

First off from fried shrimp.

Fried shrimp that was so high as it was. I thought of what to do, but daringly touching my teeth when I gallantly drilled.

Shrimp’s body is pre-sweet and sweet and delicious. It is compatible with acidity of garnished tartar sauce and it fits well with rice.

This is a ground meat cutlet.
When cutting with a knife, fat overflows from inside.

It is a juicy snack finish as you saw the cut edge, the texture of the deep-fried mouth is also good and this is also delicious.
The source attached below is a demiglas sauce. This sauce is elegant directing juicy ground meat cutlet.

The last leading role of mix fly, crab cream croquette.

Inside is a croquette with soft texture, politeness that you can feel confident that you are handmade in a bite.
The soft contents are wrapped firmly in the clothes.

The sauce attached below is tomato sauce. Modest compatibility with sweetness of crab cream is reasonable acidity of tomato.

A salad is also attractive.

The amount of salad, which is accompanied, is large.
A marinade of onion, carrot, purple cabbage, paprika is added on top of the thinly cut cabbage shreds.

It is a nice place to mix flies to have plenty of vegetables.
You can feel the attention of the store.


Of course, not only the main dishes of the set, salads and rice are large in volume and full scale. It is conscientious.
I am satisfied with the taste and quantity and I left the store behind. There are more recommended shops, one more.

Restaurant name :
Western Food Kobo Hiro

Addresses :
1-6-1 Tateishi Katsushika-ku Tokyo

Operating Hours :

Shop holidays :
Mon, Tue

Transportation :
10 minutes by foot from Keisei Tateishi Station

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